Branding and website for Meo Eyewear


Meo is the new eyewear brand of Olivia Moorkens. After she graduated from the MOF * Eyeglass Craftsmanship school in France, where she completed the craftsmanship of eyewear, she contacted us for the webshop and branding of her new brand.


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Campaign photography:

Make up & hair:

Meo is the Thai name of Olivia Moorkens. We opted for an elegant and recognizable typographic logo. The product photography is clear and shows the aesthetics and quality of the product. Campaign images provide the focus on the collections. Atmospheric photography reflects on the craft of manufacturing the products.

The webshop is sober and focuses on the product and the beautiful imagery. The difference in black and white indicates which collection it concerns. When choosing glasses, the customer is helped by the product display and by the atmospheric photography. To better imagine the product, the customer can do a live simulation with the webcam and gain more insight in the purchase of a new pair of glasses.

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“Welcoming in a very beautiful environment full of cool, talented and creative people. Always available if you need something. In one sentence: Super fun collaboration!”

Olivia Moorkens, owner Meo eyewear

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