Visual identity and website for Blend architects.


Blend Architects is a multidisciplinary agency providing durable and surprising solutions to their clients’ needs. In an ever changing society of attractive imagery and new techniques, architecture works as an anti-movement, bringing back meaning and sense to objects and spaces in the long run.




Visual Design, Stationary Design, Print Design, Online Branding, Webdesign, Website, Branding, Art Direction, Branding & Identity, Logo Design


The spaces they create are an answer to the way people like to live, work, play and just be. Blend tries to emanate a self-evident feel in their designs with well-thought-out ideas as foundation.

The timeless and clear visual identity translates their vision on architecture perfectly. The entire identity is based on a strong grid-system, which follows the form and function of the medium. The logo itself is surprising and recognizable wordmark where every letter was meticulously designed.

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Their portfolio of completed projects is displayed in a website that seamlessly mixes the identity with strong architectural imagery. It’s built with a keen eye for detail and always with the user in mind.

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“We make. Succeeded in translating our vision on architecture in a beautiful graphic and functional concept. It was a very fun and thoughtful collaboration.”

Isabelle De Raeymaeker - Architect

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