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For more than a century, Antwerp’s Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten was one of Belgium’s most illustrious museums. Preparations for a sweeping reform started immediately after KMSKA’s quiet 2011 closing, but so did a degradation of the stately image it had always enjoyed.

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Five years into the renovations and still more than three years before the grand opening, we were asked to help ease the general public and cultural sector through the seemingly endless works, and toward the new reality materialising inside of the infamous structure.

KMSKA's campaign logo, visual identity, and URL of campaign website on stickers mock-up.
The two main pages of KMSKA's campaign website.
A portrait of Sven Gatz in KMSKA's visual identity.
Portrait of architect Dikkie Scipio used on KMSKA's campaign website.
Various pages of KMSKA's responsive campaign website seen on smartphone screens.

With an impressive, multi-faceted story to tell, we decided to cut cleanly between the museum’s physical renovations and the new approach the museum staff devised for its future visitors. Together, ’De verbouwing’ and ‘Het nieuwe verhaal’ say all there is to know about the new museum.

Visual of various pages of KMSKA's campaign website.

Fence panels redirect construction site passers-by to the website for answers to popular questions, and toward #hetnieuwemuseum, the social media campaign’s main hashtag. A colour palette as royal and fine as the museum’s first century projects its glorious past into an even more ambitious future.

Visual of construction site banners for KMSKA's campaign #HetNieuweMuseum.

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“We make. succeeded in telling our extraordinary story and creating broad public involvement at a very atypical point in time – years before the museum’s planned re-opening. ”

Wenke Mast - KMSKA

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