Rebranding Nobel flooring.

Nobel brandmark logo.


Ready for a fresh start, with a brand new machine park, and twice their original production capacity, a century-old wooden flooring business adopted ‘Nobel’ as its new name. We were asked to translate their rebranding into a logo, visual identity, and printed matter.

Nobel logotype and brandmark logo black and white.




Art Direction, Icon Design, Logo Design, Print Design, Rebranding, Stationary Design, Visual Identity


Nobel stationary design business cards.
Nobel brandmark logo design process explained.
Nobel brandmark logo and logotype black and white.
Nobel logotype embossed on cardboard map.
Nobel stationary, cardboard map and writing paper.

Interior design being an important inspiration for Nobel’s flooring, we created a geometric logo that echoes this approach. Envelopes, business cards, and other printed matter feature discrete graphic design but stand out with embossed logos and logotypes on rich, textured material.

Nobel stationary folder.
Nobel brandmark logo employee.
Nobel's passionate employees are an important part of its brand identity.
Nobel's passionate employees and respect for wood are important elements of its brand identity.

Icons guide potential customers through Nobel’s product range. Photography focuses on Nobel’s characteristic work force, passion for wood, and the importance the company places in sustainable forest management.

Nobel stationary design happy new year card.
Nobel stationary design happy new year card back.
Nobel icons on wood in warehouse.

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“Everyone that works at Nobel is proud of the work we do. We make. made sure that this pride shows in our communication.”

Maarten Van Imschoot - Nobel

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