Rebranding Antwerp’s Photo Museum FOMU.

FOMU’s new logo banners on the museum’s façade.


We designed a consistent, new brand identity to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Antwerp’s photography museum.

FOMU's new logo in black and white.
FOMU's new logo in red and white.




Campaign, Wayfinding, Signage, Stationary Design, Book Design, Print Design, Rebranding, Art Direction, Logo Design, Visual Identity


FOMU's on a sunny day with black and white logo banners.

‘FOMU’ became the main moniker, elevating the museum to a class of renowned institutions, and showing international ambition. In the logo, full and outlined caps represent content, frame, and reflection. A lowercase, informative ‘fotomuseum’ expresses accessible character.

FOMU mailing list invitation for new expositions.
FOMU mailing list invitation for new expositions backside.
FOMU new visual identity on programme booklet covers.
FOMU programme booklet spread in new visual identity.
Fomu's poster campaign grid, showing the new logo and visual identity.
FOMU poster for Boris Mikhailov.
FOMU poster for Saul Leiter in a shopping street.

Translating FOMU’s vision to recognisable posters and programme booklets, we let strong images determine the frame that best supports them.

A man awaits his turn in front of FOMU's museum shop counter.
FOMU's new logo on a leather camera shoulder strap on display in the museum shop.
A broad view of FOMU's museum shop.
FOMU's new logo, seen on a tote bag in the museum shop.
Photo books, film, and other products on display in the museum shop.

Inside, the museum’s shop, library, educational department, and foyer now carry the same visual identity, and no longer appear to be independent entities. Clear signage follows suit with uniform typography and icons.

Museum signage in FOMU's visual identity and FOMU logo on elevator doors.
Various icons used in FOMU's museum signage.
Stairs in the museum show visitors where to find various exposition in FOMU's visual identity.
Wall signage for Jan Hoek's exposition.
Women hang up their photo on FOMU's wall of fail inside the museum.
FOMU's second floor elevator signage.

Featuring a gilded version of the new logo to mark the occasion, a retrospective book was handed out to special guests during the invitation-only 50th anniversary event. ‘FOMUmaton’, a mobile photo booth, gave back to the general public by offering free pictures at various summer events in Antwerp.

Wall projection of FOMU's 50 year anniversary logo variation.
FOMU's 50 year anniversary logo variation seen on various products in the museum shop.
People waiting in line to use FOMUmaton in Antwerp's central station.
Portraits made with FOMUmaton on display inside the museum.
People write notes in the museum, wishing FOMU a happy 50th anniversary.

Additional photography:

FOMU 50 book cover, featuring a gilded version of the logo variation.
FOMU 50 year anniversary book spread.
FOMU 50 year anniversary book spread 2.
FOMU 50 year anniversary book spread 3

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“We make. created a very strong logo for FOMU. Furthermore, the very distinct visual identity they designed really ties together the various parts of our museological approach.”

Isabelle Willems - FOMU

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