Branding for Online Tasting Concept Savourist.

A man enjoys a home tasting, showing the Savourist brand experience.


Stein Devos first came to our studio with an extremely developed sense of taste and a profound love for spirited drinks. Coming from a background of whisky tastings, he brought a few of the best bottles we have ever tasted, and the idea to take the tasting concept into the new age. We would do so via a subscription-based business model and a value-adding online environment.

Savourist black and white word mark logo with 'Liquor Enthusiasts' pay-off.
Savourist brand logo 2.


Food and beverage


Baseline, Copywriting, Illustration, Photography, Video, Packaging Design, SEO, Webshop, Web Development, Webdesign, Branding, Brand Naming, Logo Design


Stippeling illustrations on Savourist's branded packaging.
Savourists responsive website, branded packaging, and product, shown in one setting.

The concept would introduce a new audience to exquisite spirits, asking for a name and style that capture the tasting experience as well as the idea of joining a society of enthusiasts. Savourist does exactly that, inviting new members into the wonders of quality and authenticity with a visual identity based on smooth B/W, and distinct spirit animals.

People enjoy the Savourist brand experience together.
A Savourist experiences the branded packaging design.
A man enjoys the Savourist brand experience.
Behind the scenes of the Savourist brand experience photo shoot.
Behind the scenes of the Savourist brand experience photo shoot 2.
The home page and subscription page of Savourist's mobile website, seen on two smartphones.
Studio photography used on Savourist website.
Print-outs of Savourist's website home page on a whiteboard, during the webdesign process.
Behind the scenes of the Savourist studio photo shoot.
Behind the scenes of Savourist's packaging design and illustration process.
Savourist branded packaging design process.
Various posts of Savourist's Facebook campaign.

“Learn to taste” tells visitors the purpose of the online platform. Tasting instructions, “The story behind each bottle”, as well as a unique webshop can be sampled by non-members, but guard their true gems for Savourists. A carefully devised social media campaign introduces the brand to prospects, while unique packaging makes sure clients never forget who their monthly package is from.

Savourist branded packaging and product studio photography.

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“When I first walked into the We make. office, all I had was an idea. An original idea, but not much more. Shortly after, I had brand name, a unique concept, and an exceptional website that worked great right from the start.”

Stein Devos - Savourist

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