Visual identity and website for Squadra.


SQUADRA is a team of experts led by Dries Smets. With over 20 years of experience they guide athletes in getting the maximum out of their careers.


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By offering a wide range of services, they take care of all the extras, so the athlete can keep their eyes on the prize. As a sports management agency they go to great lengths to make a collaboration work, the name SQUADRA perfectly represents the drive and spirit the team uses everyday to uphold this promise. Their main goal is to elevate athletes to a higher level. We built upon this concept and created a recognizable symbol and baseline that formed the basics of the entire visual identity.

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Using strong imagery and clear copy, the website helps athletes discover how SQUADRA can help them elevate their careers and how they can join the SQUADRA peloton of athletes.

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“The extensive rebrand of our company was an excersise in balancing two main objectives. We needed to keep what worked and had to reshape what needed fixing. The We make. team built a cohesive brand identity that perfectly suits our needs and values.”


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