Branding for Make Belgium Great Again.


In the television program "Make Belgium Great Again" Frances and her team, a group of TV makers, make an attempt to make life in our country a little more pleasant. And for that they went far! We make was responsible for the logo, branding and the style of the popular program.




Campaign, Motion Design, Video, Stationary Design, Print Design, Branding, Art Direction, Logo Design


Departing from the Belgian tricolor in combination with strong typography, we sought the balance between "activist propaganda pamphlets" and the nostalgic "EXPO 58 posters", which are engraved in our collective memory. This results in a straight forward and no-nonsense imagery that closely matches the noble purpose of the program.

We created the graphical element "GREAT", which literally labels various interventions, campaigns, and objects, forming a common thread and a point of recognition throughout the broadcasts and general communication. In addition, our design in dynamic animations throughout the program resulted in a secret launch campaign spread across Belgium.

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“Remarkable for We make is that they immediately think along in the bigger story, they want to understand every detail and then go with us to the best working result. What makes for a very contemporary look - which fits perfectly with the young target group that appeals to this program.”

Ellen Vanhove

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