Branding and website for Limecraft.


Limecraft is a powerful online production platform for media management and video production. The Platform is used by creative video teams, post production teams and public broadcasters.




Icon Design, Stationary Design, Online Branding, UI Design, Web Development, Webdesign, Website, Rebranding, Art Direction, Branding & Identity, Logo Design


Limecraft is fully customizable to everyone's needs, but their ready-made solution offers 'off-the-shelf' workflows that are suitable for specific production outlets, such as production or localization of script TVs.

Over the years, Limecraft has grown into a reliable and well-known player in the sector. Nevertheless, there was a need for clear communication and strategy regarding their brand profiling, solutions and services, target group (s), product features and price strategy.

Starting from their modular offer in media management and video production, the visual identity, made up of patterns, icons, illustrations, is not just a static addition of images but a "smart" dynamically deployable visual system. A clear and clearly contrasting color palette gives the brand a fresh and recognizable individuality.

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