Visual Identity for Dag Moeder.

Portrait of brand inspiration Rik De Saedeleer.


Dag Moeder gets its brand name and inspiration from one of legendary football commentator Rik De Saedeleer’s unforgettable quotes. The brand makes casual clothing inspired by football and cycling, and uses a blog to offer unique content about the same subjects.

Logo and typography for Dag Moeder.
Brandmark for Dag Moeder's football-related content and products.




Icon Design, Photography, Print Design, Online Branding, Website, Art Direction, Logo Design, Visual Identity


Photo of brand inspiration Rik De Saedeleer and typography for Dag Moeder.
Dag Moeder's brandmark and photography, used on the website.

Two modern, nostalgic emblems distinguish football items from items linked to cycling. Loud, heavyset typography brings back the powerful, enthusiastic voice of the late Belgian legend.

Stationary design, various business cards for Dag Moeder's employees.
Product labels for Dag Moeder, carrying the logo, visual identity and typography.
Dag Moeder football brandmark label on T-shirt.
Overview of Dag Moeder products, stationary design, and labels, all carrying the visual identity logo.

Down-to-earth, human imagery brings the atmosphere on the website close to the dressing rooms and dug-outs, far away from the glitter and glamour of football galas. Short texts add noteworthy historical context to the quotes and nicknames on every item in the webshop.

The home page of Dag Moeder's responsive website, seen on a computer and a mobile phone.
Overview of the main pages of Dag Moeder's responsive website.
Various pages of Dag Moeder's responsive website, seen on mobile phones.
Typography quotes on photography, used on Dag Moeder's Facebook page.

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Rutger Verbeek - Dag Moeder

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