Visual Identity and Website for Bar Muza.

Bar Muza menus, carrying the logo and visual identity.


Bar Muza is a bar, a restaurant, and an active player in the Lier region’s after-work event calendar. We are responsible for their visual identity and website.

Bar muza's logo with black typography.
Bar Muza's logo in white typography.


Food and beverage


Campaign, Illustration, Stationary Design, Print Design, Website, Logo Design, Visual Identity


Three menus, forming the Bar Muza logo.
Overview of a Bar Muza menu.
Overview of Bar Muza's menus, carrying the Bar Muza visual identity and logo.

Timeless black and white and a stately, contemporary logo position Bar Muza as a proud, prominent establishment. Well-designed menus create clarity in their diverse culinary range.

The home page of Bar Muza's responsive website, seen on a computer and on a mobile phone.
Overview of various pages of Bar Muza's responsive website seen on tablets.
Overview of various pages of Bar Muza's website.

A clean website offers a preview of what visitors will experience at Bar Muza. Large, bright pictures show off the bar’s unique location and most colourful dishes. Tablebooker enables easy realtime online reservation, and an integrated Instagram feed constantly provides the website with fresh content.

Variation of Bar Muza's logo for summer concept Zomer Bar Muza, as a brand mark on a wooden table.
Wooden menu for Bar Muza's summer concept Zomer Bar Muza.
Close-up of Zomer Bar Muza's wooden menu.
Tote bag carrying Zomer Bar Muza's visual identity with logo and illustrations.
Illustrations for summer concept Zomer Bar Muza.
Zomer Bar Muza agenda as seen on the Bar Muza website.

Outdoors summer event Zomer Bar Muza got its own playful version of Bar Muza’s visual identity, as well as specially designed wooden menus. Leading up to New Year’s Eve dinner, both the website and the regular menus are dressed to the nines.

Studio photography for Bar Muza's NYE dinner.
Bar Muza's special menu for new year's eve dinner.
Snow pattern stickers used to close up the special NYE menus.

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“Everything We make. has created for us radiates the typical Bar Muza atmosphere, which is exactly what we were looking for.”

Mattias Van Coillie - Bar Muza

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