Visual Identity and Website for MuseumCafé.

Photo used on Museumcafé's website.


Museumcafé manages the cafés of Middelheim museum, FOMU, and S.M.A.K.
Mika, PIXEL, and S.M.A.K.café are well-established names and do good business, but not enough people know that they are available for rent as event locations outside the museums’ opening hours. We created Museumcafé’s visual identity and a website that presents the cafés as the unique event venues they are.

MuseumCafé's new logo and black and white visual identity.
MuseumCafé wordmark logo small.


Food and beverage


Baseline, Tone of Voice, Copywriting, Stationary Design, Print Design, Online Branding, Website, Logo Design, Visual Identity


Timeless black and white and contemporary typography form a flexible visual identity that shows itself in stately logo’s, simple icons, and tasteful menus.

Icon set used on MuseumCafé's website and every location's one-page website.
Logos of MuseumCafé locations PIXEL and MIKA, used on the website and on the locations' one page websites.
MuseumCafé's responsive website, seen on mobile phones.
Photo of FOMU's PIXEL, used on MuseumCafé's website.
MuseumCafé's visual identity menu.
Back side of PIXEL's menu card, carrying Museumcafé's visual identity.
MuseumCafé menu lay-out and typography. uses written content and photography to show each location’s unique character. On the home page, direct access to a contact form invites potential clients to send an online application for their event.

Overview of the home page of MuseumCafé's website and S.M.A.K. Café's one page website.

Each café offers basic information, online menus, and an online table booker on its own one page website. A calendar shows upcoming events and museum expos, and a separate button links back to Museumcafé’s main website.

Cards showing the specifications and a photo of each MuseumCafé location.

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“We make. turned our business plan into a crystal-clear online concept. Online reservation has been running smoothly. ”

Peter Reel - Museumcafé

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