Visual Identity for Award Winning Designers.


In order to showcase the region’s award winning designers, developers and to encourage more creatives to take part in competitions, design centre De Winkelhaak and ANTWERP. POWERED BY CREATIVES. launched yearly event Award Winning Designers. They asked us to create a visual identity, logo, and website that could carry the event’s momentum from one edition to the next.

Scenography event.
An animation of Award Winning Designers' logo.




Campaign, Spatial Design, Stationary Design, Print Design, Website, Logo Design, Visual Identity


Award Winning Designers' logo seen in the visual identity's three colours.
Print design for Award Winning Designers' event invitation.

Taking into account the festive nature of the get-together, as well as the calibre of each of its participants, we went for gold, and did justice to the dynamic that occurs when bringing together such an overwhelming variety of design talent.

Photos from Award WInning Designers' event night.
Scenography at Award Winning Designers' event 2.
Award Winning Designers' logo and visual identity on poster.
Award Winning Designers' visual identity pattern.
Award Winning Designers visual identity pattern 2.
Award Winning Designers' responsive website seen on Ipads.
Overview of Award Winning Designers' website.
Label used during Award Winning Designers' interactive event.

Shape, form, and cross-pollination are the essence of ANTWERP. POWERED BY CREATIVES., and important elements of what both Award Winning Designers and We Make. are all about. In this spirit, design center De Winkelhaak was spatially laid out in collaboration with scenographers Leen de Brabandere (FORMA) ,and Caroline Voet for the duration of the event.

Overview of banners used
Vertical banners used during Award Winning Designers' event in the visual identity's three colours.

Additional photography:

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